To register for the extra events and meals, please use the EXCEL file bellow.

Fill in the required info, and when done, use the “SAVE AS” option to create a new file named “YOUR COUNTRY NAME_YOUR FAMILY NAME” (just to help the CNM secretariat to organize your info) and send it by e-mail with the information from your bank of the wire transfer to CNM until September 20th 2009.

CNM will confirm with you that your registration was dully received in 48h. If you do not receive this reply, please contact CNM secretariat to sort out the situation.

If you do not have access to Microsoft Office software, please print the .pdf version, complete it by hand writing, scan the form to a .pdf file and e-mail it to CNM.

As last resort, you can FAX it or express mail it to CNM.

Until 31th September 2009, cancelations will be accepted by e-mail or FAX, and CNM will refund 100% of the payment made.


CNM Registration File (xls)

CNM Registration File (pdf)